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Established in the field of transportation of all kinds, the company is specialized in transporting pilgrims to and from the holy sites, to be part of the system that is honored to serve the purposes of the pilgrims and the feelings of pilgrims, pilgrims and visitors.

– A company specialized in public transportation within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through a modern and distinguished feet of cars and buses. AFAG Company transports Dear Customers of pilgrims, Umrah performers and others to their next stations professionally.

Our Vision :

* We believe in the honor of serving the pilgrims of the holly mosque in Mecca is a great responsibility, which including provide transportation and comfortableness requirements to pilgrims, to qualify us as a leader of special serving company for them, which take care of their religious trip with consideration of its holiness and nobleness, and set in fort of us the standards of principles inspired from Islamic religion, in addition to the international standards of quality for this field and related service.
* Leadership in the service of Rahman guests and excellence in providing the service with a commitment to the highest quality standards to provide the service.

Our Message :

Our Message is represented in our continuous endeavors to create an ideal model of serving the pilgrims of the holy mosque in Mecca, with taking care of all details which could make the visit of pilgrims, minor pilgrims and visitor more easily, to help them reaching the highest religious feelings with the best level of comfortableness and calmness, so our message will be shown and will be more effective as it will be considered as a standard of this field leadership, in addition to the honor we feel by providing this service, The service of pilgrims and pilgrims is our honor and excellence of service, where Afag global with you wherever you are.

Afag global with you wherever you are :

We are specialized in:
* Respecting our clients’ time, with consideration to discipline.
* Interacting with suggestions and opinions of our clients, related to service development.
* Speediness in transportation procedures.
* Providing high qualified busses to ensure our clients comfortableness and to facilitate the trip for them whatever its length.
* Planning well to all trips and its programs, and keeping an eye on its procedures step by step.
* Communications ability with all employees to help our client.
Afag International also features:
* Responsibility and respect
* Continuous development
* Speed and accuracy
* Professionality in service delivery
* Effective communication


Our Target :

We used the strategic planning model, which makes consistency between short and long term targets, to be side to side with the national targets, which aim continuously to improve the pilgrims of the holly mosque in Mecca serving harmonically.


Our short term targets are:

* Awarding high percentage of pilgrims’, minor pilgrims’ and visitors’ transportation market, as consisted with our expectations of developing and growing,
* Specializing in our service improving to businessmen of pilgrims, minor pilgrims and visitors.
* Trying to award more international and national clients.

While our long term targets are :

* Reforming the quality standards of pilgrims’ transportation to be more professional, to be harmonized with the international revolution of transportation field, to ensure our leadership of this service.



Our Services :

Our services of transporting are differentiate, to consider the variety of our clients, whether as persons or as establishments. So we provide:
* Pilgrims, minor pilgrims’ and visitors transportation services.
* Touristic Transportation,
* Trips planning,
* Private Transportation services according to the client request,
* Leasing services,
*VIP services,
* Special services, represented in:
-Providing meals and drinks to the clients.
-Providing other special requests may be asked by the clients.
* Maintenance Services: for high quality serving improved by:
– Specialized maintenance team, with high technical qualifications, provides the technical service all over the day.
– Well appointed workshops with modern maintenance equipment and machines, to ensure excellent and fast maintenance for transportation means.
* Supporting Services: We qualified supporting team to serve our large group of transportation means all over the day, driving motor workshops to improve the other busses if there is any emergency technical damage, in addition to providing – as soon as possible – Sudden orders of our clients, such as increasing the busses numbers … etc.

Our Fleet :

The company Owns a large fleet of cars and buses that have been specially manufactured with high quality and luxury to ensure a more enjoyable and comfortable trip to the pilgrims of the Holy Mosque and the Mosque of Allah’s Prophet (PBUH).

Our Transportation Paths:

Our Transportation Paths are various, including
* Mecca to Medina and vice versa.
* Medina to Jeddah and vice versa.
* Jeddah to Mecca and vice versa.
* From and to religious duties places.
* Trips among cities.
* Religious Haunts.
* Specified paths according to the client’s orders.


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